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808 Drum Samples

Discover our selection of sample packs, full off deep kick drums, hi-hats and many more high quality drum sounds. Each single file that is included in our compilations is the direct result of years of sound design experience. It doesn't matter if you're producing classic techno, electro or even house, this compilation will fit inside your production workflow.
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Kick Drum, 24 Bit by
808 Bass Drum 01
Hand Clap, 24 Bit by
808 Hand Clap 01
Snare Drum, 24 Bit by
808 Snare Drum 01
Hi Hat, 24 Bit by
808 Closed HiHat 01
Hi Hat, 24 Bit by
808 Open HiHat 01
Conga, 24 Bit by
808 Mid Conga 02
Add analog sound layers and classic drum sounds to your arrangements with this must-have sound compilation. No matter if you're making minimal techno, house or even detroit techno, this compilation will fit right in into your drum grooves.