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Deep House Drum Loops

From massive drum sounds to layered deep techno drum loops this loop pack is filled to the brim with building blocks for your compositions. Add analog sound textures and modulated drum loops to your tracks and remixes with this awesome sound compilation. If you’re into classic drum grooves and punchy kick drums then we've got something in store for you.
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Drum Loop, 128 Bpm by
DH1 01 Drums 128 Bpm
Drum Loop, 124 Bpm by
DH1 08 Drums 124 Bpm
Drum Loop, 125 Bpm by
DH2 28 Drums 125 Bpm
Drum Loop, 125 Bpm by
DH2 38 Drums 125 Bpm
Drum Loop, 126 Bpm by
DH3 06 A Drums 126 Bpm
Drum Loop, 125 Bpm by
DH2 29 Drums 125 Bpm
Experience abundance of essential drum sounds, patterns and audio loops included in this sound library. All drum grooves in our offer are professionally recorded and ready to include in your music production workflow.