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Deep House Drum Samples

From must-have massive kick drums to layered snare drums and patterns, this sample pack has it all. Designed using largely drum machines and grooveboxes, each sound file has very distinct, analog vibe. It doesn't matter if you're searching for classic drum sounds, fat hand claps, or snappy hi-hats, you'll find what you hunting for in this amazing compilation.
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Kick Drum, 24 Bit by
EDM Kick 03
Snare Drum, 24 Bit by
Synthetic Snare 03
HiH at, 24 Bit by
909 Open HiHat 01
Hand Clap, 24 Bit by
909 Hand Clap 01
Hi Hat, 24 Bit by
909 Closed HiHat 02
Percussion, 24 Bit by
Synthetic Percussion 02
Quickly add a layered accent to any arrangement by simply dropping one of the included drum sounds into your drum grooves. If you’re into production ready sounds, soulful drum grooves, then we've got something special in store for you.