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Dub Techno Drum Samples

Designed by making use of a mix of software and hardware tools, every single dub techno sample highlighted below sets out a solid foundation for your drum grooves. Add a layer of granular dub techno feel to your tracks. If you’re into layered snare drums, classic hand claps, and countless more production ready sounds, then we've got something special in store for you.
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Kick Drum, 24 Bit by
808 Bass Drum 08
Snare Drum, 24 Bit by
606 Snare Drum 04
Hand Clap, 24 Bit by
909 Hand Clap 05
Hi Hat, 24 Bit by
909 Closed HiHat 07
Hi Hat, 24 Bit by
Digital OH 02
Percussion, 24 Bit by
Glitch Percussion 12
Immediately add a percussive layer to every sequence by simply injecting one of the featured drum sounds into your patterns. No matter if you're producing dub techno or even deep house, this compilation will fit within your production workflow.