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Electro House Synth Loops

Add raw sound layers and dynamic synth loops to your music production workflow with this amazing compilation. Assembled using basically synth plugins and grooveboxes, every single groove has extremely evident, warm vibe. If you’re into powerful synth sounds, modern sequences, and analog grooves, then we've got something special in store for you.
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Synth Loop, 125 Bpm by
DH1 27 Bassline Cm 125 Bpm
Synth Loop, 125 Bpm by
DH1 28 Bassline Cm 125 Bpm
Synth Loop, 126 Bpm by
DH3 15 Synth Fm 126 Bpm
Download many essential synth loops, patterns and sequences featured in this loop pack. All building blocks in our offer are professionally recorded and ready to incorporate into your music productions.