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Modular Drum Samples

Add a atmospheric vibe to every sequence by simply introducing one of the sounds into your drum patterns. Created using primarily software synths and effects, each sound included in this sound library has positively unique, refined vibe. If you’re into hypnotic massive kick drums, and many more production ready sounds, then we've got something in store for you.
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Snare Drum, 24 Bit by
Digital Snare 03
Conga, 24 Bit by
Digital Conga 07
Tom Tom, 24 Bit by
Digital Tom 01
Hi Hat, 24 Bit by
Digital HH 04
Kick Drum, 24 Bit by
Digital Kick 17
Hi Hat, 24 Bit by
Digital OH 03
Download a massive selection of techno sounds recorded for electronic music producers who are always looking for a perfect sound. All sounds in our offer are professionally recorded and ready to blend with your productions and live sets.