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Tech House Synth Loops

Every building block that is included in our compilations is the direct result of years of sound design expertise. Constructed using essentially virtual synths and grooveboxes, each synth loop has extremely definite, organic feel.If you’re into refined synth loops, modulated grooves, and many more percussive patterns, then we've got something for you.
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Synth Loop, 126 Bpm by
DH1 06 Synth Fm 126 Bpm
Synth Loop, 126 Bpm by
DH3 22 Synth D 126 Bpm
Synth Loop, 128 Bpm by
MT4 11 A Synth D 128 Bpm
Elevate your sound library and reveal a whole new level of creative options. Produced by using collection of classic synths, each tech house synth loop highlighted below supplies an amazing foundation for your music productions and live sets.