Free Loops

Techno Drum Loops

Download techno sound compilation today and enjoy the creative freedom it provides. Each building block that ends up in our packs is the direct result of years of sound design expertise. Assembled using mostly software synths and vintage drum machines, every single drum groove has absolutely distinct, synthetic feel. It doesn't matter if you're looking for classic kick drums, energetic snare drums, or atmospheric drum sounds, you'll find what you need in this compilation.

Drum Loop, 128 Bpm by
MT2 09 Drums 128 Bpm
Drum Loop, 130 Bpm by
DT1 31 Drums 130 Bpm
Drum Loop, 130 Bpm by
DT2 37 Drums 130 Bpm
Drum Loop, 130 Bpm by
DT3 17 B Drums 130 Bpm
Drum Loop, 126 Bpm by
DT3 05 B Drums 126 Bpm
Drum Loop, 130 Bpm by
DT4 14 Drums 130 Bpm
Upgrade your production library and experience a whole new level of creative possibilities by using our sample packs. Made using mostly drum machines and vst effects, every sequence has very definite, underground vibe.